Paranormal Stories from Law Enforcement!

Below are just a few of the many stories of the paranormal events that have been reported at the Attala County Jail from the Attala Deputies themselves! The reported haunting takes on a new level of believably when it is reported by law enforcement. For Evidence captured from just the first inverstigation Click Here!

Attala Jailers
According to an Attala Jailer her event took place as she worked the jail late one night.
She said that as she sat at the inmate processing desk she looked toward a window to her left that overlooked the breezeway. In the reflection in the window she was shocked to see not only her reflection but that of a male standing behind her! She wheeled around in her chair to find NO ONE standing there. She then turned back to the window and saw the reflection once again. This forced her to exit the building. When she returned the image was not there!

Yet another jailer told of an encounter that unnerved him! He said late one night as he worked his shift, he encountered a male walk from the cells in back, past his desk and into the day room. Fearing an inmate had escaped his cell he pulled his service weapon, called for backup and entered to confront the man. When he reached the day room no one was to be found!

Attala Deputies

Stories continue to come in of this old jail from almost everyone that has spent anytime there.

An Attala Deputy told of his interaction with the spirits of the old jail! He said there has been many stories surrounding the jail including his own.

One night while watching inmates he heard a shower cut on. Knowing no one was using the room at the time he went in to investigate the sound. He was shocked to find the inmate shower had turned itself on with no one around. He tuned the water off and returned to work. A short time later the event repeated itself with no explanation.

The Deputy continued to tell of the other events that have taken place in the old jail.
He said that the spirits have made even the hardest of inmates fearful as they served their time behind bars. He told of inmates not allowing guards to turn the lights off in the bullpen and maximum security areas. When deputies would try, inmates would let deputies know they did not want to be left in the dark in the jail.

Another night the inmates were calling for officers from the bull pen in the back of the jail. When deputies rushed to the location they were told that they heard boot steps and saw a shadow walking around the perimeter of the cells yet no solid figure could be seen.

Jailers and Deputies alike have also reported the sound of boot steps being heard walking the halls. Inmates often thought guards were on the way in to the area but found no one there. Its been said that the spirit of guards are still walking the halls.

Yet another deputy tells us of his experience. He said one night while working overnight, he watched the front desk for the jailer as he visited the restroom at the office building. As he was sitting there waiting on the jailers return, he looked up and saw what appeared to be a man standing in front of the desk. Startled he to see the man only to see him disappear!

Another report has sent guards running to the women's cell many times when they heard the screams of the inmate. Females being held in the front cells have reported a male wearing a black hoodie looking through the observation window watching them.

One night as a deputy pull in from his nightly rounds he saw a shadow of a figure wearing a cowboy hat in the drunk tank. He went in to see who was picked up during the night only to be told the cell was empty.

Another Deputy told of a whisper she heard in her ear that said "You are doing a fine job for a female".

The stories continue to roll in giving more credibility to the haunted legends of this notorious place!

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