Paranormal Happenings!
This place is turning out to be a hotbed of paranrmal activity!

Below is a small sample of what we found in just the first night!
We are sure there will be MUCH more soon..
For Stories from the Deputies themselves Click Here!

1. The drunk tank has turned out to be one of the most active locations in the jail! There has been many documented deaths inside this cell. This was a voice that was picked up.  You will hear Doyle say "There has to be a story behind this". Then you hear a male voice very loud and clear.

Unmodified Audio

Amplified Audio

2. Next you will hear another voice picked up while we were doing an EVP session in the drunk tank. You can clearly hear a voice in the background. This voice was also heard by Southern Paranormal. It was so loud that the group thought that officers walked over from the local police department checking on the jail. The group stopped and went outside to check. No one was found. Also this was captured just after midnight. No one was out on the streets at all bringing more credibility to this paranormal encounter!

Unmodified Audio

Amplified Audio

3. Next we placed an audio recorder in the lunacy cell overnight. we believe we caught a whisper followed by a loud bang then another whisper. We are unsure what this one says.

Unmodified Audio

Amplified Audio

4.  Left Max and Left Max Extended version. Members from Southern Paranormal Investigations were in the first cell of the Left Maxium Security area doing some video recordings of EVP sessions. During our Investigation, Donald had the video recorder videoing, while Doyle, Kyle, and Rebekah were in the cell with audio recorders. Donald was just outside of the cell, he stated that he felt something behind and around his head. He felt as though someone was standing right behind him. This is what was caught on the audio recorder. The first version is the extended version. The second one is of just the EVP caught. Is this contact from an inmate who who took his own life in the area? You Be the Judge.

Left Max Extended Audio

Left Max Audio

5.  Left Bull Pen Growl. - Members of Southern Paranormal Investigations were in the Left Bull Pen located in the very back of the jail. We had an audio recorder placed in the Lunacy Cell, that is located all the way in the front of the jail. We picked up whats seems to be is a growl from the Lunacy Cell recorder. No one was in the are during this time. We have picked up Evps, K2 spikes, REM Pods hits, and a Member of our team became dizzy in the hallway just outside the Lunacy Cell. The Hallway seems to be a regular HOT SPOT in this Old Jail, likely due to the multiple suicides in and around the cells connected to the Hallway.

Left Bull Pen Growl Audio

6.  Lunacy cell.

This is one audio recording from a recent investigation by Southern Paranormal. We had a REM Pod placed and located in the hallway right next to the red cell door. We had all taken a break to the outside when this was captured on an audio recorder that was left inside the Lunacy Cell. Was something coming down the hall to see where we had went, and what was the strange EVP captured as it passed the REM Pod?

Lunacy Cell Audio 1

This EVP was captured from a audio recorder that was left in the Lunacy cell overnight. The Jail was locked and no one was left inside...well no one living that is. 

Lunacy Cell Audio 2

This was caught 37 seconds after the REM POD hit and EVP. from the above file. Did it say "HEY", or "HANGING"? What do you hear?

Lunacy Cell "Hey"

Lunacy Cell "Hey" Extended


Below is a video of an awesome experience we had during the first investigation! Doyle gets very dizzy after asking the spirits do they want to challenge Kyle. So much in fact that he fell against the wall. When this happens Kyle turns around and the K2 meter goes in full red! Also Donald hears what he thought at the time his wife Becka say something. Turns out after further review that she didn't say anything and what Donald heard is what he described as being a laugh coming from the bullpen cells or one of the maximum security cells.